List of participating companies (2nd release)
The themes of each major corporation will be released by separating into 3 days as the following date and time. The largest number of companies will be releasing the themes on the third day.
1st release date:Thursday, October 1, 2020 (JST) / 2nd release date:Friday, November 6, 2020 (JST) / 3rd release date:Monday, December 7, 2020 (JST)
Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.
Let’s create the future of Mobility, Fine Chemicals, Life Sciences, and Sustainability!
  1. Proposal of cutting edge technology and material for vehicle interior and exterior
  2. Latest Technology for Scientific Instruments
  3. Livestock management using IoT and AI technologies
  4. High functionality of synthetic rubber and resins, and related innovative materials
  5. Providing the best material to advanced electronics market
  6. New Technology Proposal for Connected automobile

We are a trading company specialized in automotive parts, rubber, chemicals, industrial / environmental machine, and scientific equipment. We have superior suppliers in niche markets and serve attractive commodities to customers through our 14 overseas locations (e.g., USA, China, Thailand, India, and other countries). We also have manufacturing functions and more than half of our sales staff members have technical background.


Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
A new future created by start-up companies and TOPPAN
  1. Information and Communication
  2. Living industry
  3. Electronics

Toppan, focusing on printing technology, operates in 3 large business segments, “information and communications”, "living and industries", "electronic".


Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Corporate Research & Development Strategy Department
Innovative materials and material manufacturing technology
  1. Sensor device/ Nano functional materials/Post LiB materials/ Energy-related materials
  2. CO2 capture and utilization/ Machining difficult-to-cut materials/ Polymer composite materials
  3. EV copper parts/ EV thermal management components/ Recovery of valuable metals

Quad-core business of cement, copper, tools, and electronic materials. The copper and brass products is at the top ranking in Japan. Focuses on the automotive, electronics, energy, environmental and recycling services.


Asahi Kasei Corporation
Creating for Tomorrow
  1. Odor sensor

The Asahi Kasei Group now contribute to life and living for people around the world through our operations in the three business sectors of Material consisting of fibers, chemicals, and electronics; Homes consisting of homes and construction materials; and Health Care consisting of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and acute critical care.


We will support Japan and the world through our customers. Let's create the future, together.
  1. Surface structure control (deposition, coating, imprinting)
  2. Robots SIer, Automation Solutions

We manufacture and sell injection molding machines, die-cast machines, extruders, machine tools, precision processing machines, industrial robots, electronic control devices, etc., as well as supply and service parts related to each business. The majority of overseas sales are overseas.


Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
To solve social issues together with partner companies
  1. Utilization of IoT/robotics in equipment inspection
  2. Cloud Robotics Platform Concept

We work with innovative start-ups and partner companies to solve social issues and provide value that enriches society by leveraging the technical skills, industry knowledge and client relationships we have cultivated in system development.


Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
We create what makes you happy
  1. New dining scene and New value-added experience services
  2. Total Wellness Services
  3. Ethical & Premium Services

We are a comprehensive liquor beverage manufacturer. Our main business is the liquor business, including Super Dry, carbonated and calpis beverages, confectionery, and food business such as baby and nursing care food. We are also active in global expansion and are expanding our business mainly in Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.


Providing enduring peace of mind to an ever-changing society. Open innovation by SECOM, with you
  1. Healthcare technologies for security or watching over families.
  2. Robot technologies for public spaces, offices or homes.
  3. Vital sensing system services and technology in Telemedicine.

SECOM is the leading company in the security market in Japan. With a focus on online-alarm-security service, we have developed various businesses: fire protection, medical, insurance, geospatial information, BPO/ICT, and so on. We seek to realize the society without any kind of anxiety.


Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
Use technology to deliver peace of mind and safety to our customers
  1. Development and support of healthcare solutions
  2. Development and application of solutions for disaster prevention and mitigation
  3. Development of services and operational efficiency using data

An insurance company with a mission to provide you with peace of mind and safety that will help you in your "emergency". The domestic non-life insurance and life insurance business is expanded nationwide. We have expanded our overseas business to 38 countries including Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa.


Kawamura Electric Inc.
For a changing world, a new sense of security
  1. Proposals for the "Digital Transformation Era"
  2. Proposals for "realizing a green society"
  3. Realization of "safety and security" with an eye on the future

Manufacture and sale of industrial and household electrical appliances Main Products: Distribution Boards, Control Boards, Residential Distribution Boards, Enclosures, Circuit Breakers, High Voltage Substations, System Racks, Energy Conservation and Low-Voltage Equipment, EV charging equipment,Delivery box.


3rd release date:Monday, December 7, 2020(JST) Coming soon !