Water Quality Management System

The Japanese specialty ceramics industry is paying attention to the water quality management business.
We are looking for a wide range of new ideas based on onland cultivation of shrimp.

  • Context / Need

     As an example, we are developing a water quality management system to establish land-based cultivation of shrimp. In land cultivation of shrimp, it is very important to check the ammonia concentration in water and control its water quality. Our system automates these tasks that have been done by people until now. Ammonia, dissolved oxygen, pH, etc. in seawater are automatically measured, and breeding work is instructed from the data. You can now reasonably manage it more appropriately than ever before.
     We believe there are many other needs like this. Please give us your ideas on water quality management business from your point of view.
  • Expected Solution / Technology

    - Business areas where water quality management business is established
    - Water quality management technology (sensing technology, water quality improvement technology, etc.)
    - Technology to improve on-land cultivation of shrimp
  • Target User

    Primarily targeted at B2B
Category Big Data Cultivation, Farm and Marine Product Processing Cleantech, Green Tech