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TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 with Mori Building Co., Ltd

Looking for technologies/ideas to make Tokyo as world's No.1 city in terms of providing the well-being of the city life.

About Mori Building Co., Ltd

Mori Building Co., Ltd. is a leading landscape developer contributing to the well-being of the city life in Tokyo. Through our urban redevelopment projects represented by "Roppongi Hills" and "Toranomon Hills", we have developed and managed Compact Cities with multiple functions of working, playing, living, learning, and relaxing.
We believe in the possibilities of cities which could create new values and innovation through the interaction of people with diverse values and culture. As we all face the rapid evolution of technology and transformation of values, Mori Building's mission is to build an environment in which we offer people “living in the city” with opportunities to think about their real wellness and provide them with the environment which promotes their well-being at the cutting-edge. Mori Building is looking for partners with prominent technologies and ideas whom we can share our vision with.

Mori Building Co., Ltd Challenges

Accelerate and Promote Sustainability of Cities
Aiming to make Tokyo the world's urban-center model in realizing the sustainable society.


Implementation of Smart City for People Living in the City
Rather than technologies such as big data and IoT, the city life redefined by lives and thoughts of people "living in the city" is the Smart City which Mori Building is willing to create.


Integration of Remote and Real Worlds
Aiming to create an environment in which people are able to interact with each other and gain new findings in a city by solving communication problems between real and online.


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Corporate Profile of Mori Building Co., Ltd

Company Name Mori Building Co., Ltd
Business Overview Every aspect of the urban landscape development 1) Urban redevelopment 2) Real estate leasing and management (Sales and management of office buildings, residences, retail facilities, hotels, golf courses and resorts) 3) Culture, art and town management
Type of Industry Real Estate
Collaboration results Aug. 2017 Collaboration results

In urban areas, there are issues such as chronic congestion and traffic congestion, and in rural areas, issues such as deterioration of the businessability of transportation business due to depopulation and support for new traffic vulnerable people by returning licenses due to aging are becoming clear through in Japan. In order to solve this problem, we conducted japan's first demonstration experiment of ride-sharing on-demand transportation, which is leading the world. In promoting this demonstration experiment, he led discussions with regulatory authorities, government agencies, and passenger transportation operators.