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Providing enduring peace of mind to an ever-changing society. Open innovation by SECOM, with you


SECOM has been established as Japan’s first security service provider. At the moment, we have the top share of Japan’s online-alarm-security service market. With a focus on security service, we have developed various businesses: fire protection, medical, insurance, geospatial information, BPO/ICT, and other service businesses, and expanded services in 17 countries and territories. We strive to create a new social system that provides total services that deliver safety and wellbeing, as well as making life more comfortable and convenient, utilizing our technologies and resources cultivated in security services.

Addressing diverse social needs, we promote open innovation as well as in-house R&D. We have established the “SECOM DESIGN FACTORY” brand, which will be used for strategic and experimental projects undertaken with partners that create new customers and social value. This brand contributes to new service development with various partners possessing unique ideas and technologies.

SECOM CO.,LTD. Challenges

Healthcare technologies for security or watching over families.
Healthcare technologies that amplify customer value, connecting our security service systems(home, office, etc.)


Robot technologies for public spaces, offices or homes.
Robot technologies used in public spaces, offices, or homes in the form of air, ground travel, or communication robots that support our security service and customer’s wellbeing.


Vital sensing system services and technology in Telemedicine.
Vital sensing technology that can be utilized by remote doctors for diagnosis in home health care or online medical care.


Applications have been closed.

Corporate Profile of SECOM CO.,LTD.

Company Name SECOM CO.,LTD.
Business Overview SECOM is the leading company in the security market in Japan. With a focus on online-alarm-security service, we have developed various businesses: fire protection, medical, insurance, geospatial information, BPO/ICT, and so on. We seek to realize the society without any kind of anxiety.
Type of Industry Services
Collaboration results Nov. 2017 Collaboration results

SECOM created a "VR training program" with IT startup Kadinche Corporation, which develops space expression technology such as VR/AR.
It is the first training program using VR technology in the security guard industry, and SECOM has adapted it for employee training since 2017. Thanks to VR technology, more employees can virtually experience limited exercise because of its cost or danger. Furthermore, we developed an updated program in November 2019, implementing gamification to reinforce the interactiveness.

Jan. 2020 Collaboration results

SECOM launched a new service named "Mago(grandchild) Channel with SECOM" in collaboration with an IoT startup Chikaku, whose mission is "senior first."
It attaches SECOM's "Mimamori Antenna"(environment sensor) to Chikaku's "Mago Channel."
This service provides gentle and enjoyable monitoring for families living apart. The parents living apart can enjoy uploaded photos and videos of their family on the home televisions. Simultaneously, through the app, their children can check their parents' activities as well as house changes, including temperature and humidity, acquired by the "Mimamori Antenna." This is a new service that enables families living apart to communicate kindly with each other from a distance.
It has won prizes, including the grand prize of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Diversity TOKYO App Award.

Aug. 2020 Fund investment results

Regarding the latest investment: SECOM invested in a $315 million fund, the 3rd one, of DNX Ventures.