Odor sensor

Our odor sensor which is manufactured by MEMS technology and sensitive membrane technology is small enough to be put on the fingertip. Digitizing (standardizing) odors realizes valuable new services in various scenes such as environmental monitors, production processes, and healthcare, and so on.

  • Context / Need

    AI-based learning and recognition performance of data that can be obtained by existing sensors such as images and sounds is improving year by year. However, odor sensors are still in the pre-market stage, so there is no suitable AI. In order to launch our odor sensor onto market faster, we would like to develop AI suitable for it not from scratch, but rather to develop it in a shorter period of time as an application of existing recognition technology. In addition, we want to develop a smart device that is small and battery-powered so that it can be used in various scenes. We widely invite ideas and technologies that can realize these. Moreover, odor sensors are also expected to be applied in healthcare. If you are already targeting the healthcare market and have some business activities where odor sensors can make a contribution, we believe that good collaboration will be possible.
  • Expected Solution / Technology

    - AI that can be applied to multi-channel odor sensors.
    - In order to be used in a variety of scenes, we want to develop it as a smart device that is small and battery-powered.
    - We also think that there is an opportunity to collaborate with the healthcare business.
  • Target User

    We are assuming a service-providing business in B2B. However, if you can propose a business model that can be established for consumer service, we will consider it positively.
  • Use Case

    Freshness monitoring such as fruits, vegetables and meat, management of brewing process, abnormal detection of manufacturing processes, management of agricultural products, detection of dangerous substances, cooking process, etc. Unlike gas sensors, it is possible to detect various odors.
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