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TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 with Kawamura Electric Inc.

For a changing world, a new sense of security

About Kawamura Electric Inc.

Our company was founded in 1919 and celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. We are a specialized manufacturer that supports electrical power distribution equipment.
Within the business domain of "safety and security" of electricity, we have made efforts to contribute to society with "technology" and "service".

Our mission now is "Active Defense".
We would like to contribute to the world with "products that protect people from new anxieties and risks in a new era."

This is the fourth time I have participated in ILS since 2017.
We have met with people from various venture companies, held discussions, and implemented efforts and collaborations to create new things.

Please propose ideas that are not in our perspective.
Let's work together to realize "Active Defense"!

Kawamura Electric Inc. Challenges

Proposals for the "Digital Transformation Era"
Call for proposals from a new perspective with an eye on "Society 5.01"


Proposals for "realizing a green society"
Proposals for "2050 Carbon Neutral, Realization of a Decarbonized Society"


Realization of "safety and security" with an eye on the future
Call for new technologies and ideas to realize "solutions to protect people from new anxieties and risks in a new era"


Applications have been closed.

Corporate Profile of Kawamura Electric Inc.

Company Name Kawamura Electric Inc.
Business Overview Manufacture and sale of industrial and household electrical appliances Main Products: Distribution Boards, Control Boards, Residential Distribution Boards, Enclosures, Circuit Breakers, High Voltage Substations, System Racks, Energy Conservation and Low-Voltage Equipment, EV charging equipment,Delivery box.
Type of Industry Electric Appliances