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TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 with Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.

Let’s create the future of Mobility, Fine Chemicals, Life Sciences, and Sustainability!

About Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.

Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd. is a specialized trading company with consolidated sales of 83.2 billion yen in 2019, 10 consecutive years of sales and profit growth, and has 368 employees. Since its founding in 1947, it has contributed to industrial development at 18 domestic and overseas bases, focusing on importing niche materials and specialized machinery in a solid and enterprising spirit. The Group provides products that meet market needs in the 4 fields including mobility, fine chemicals, life sciences, and sustainability, and has been highly evaluated by more than hundreds of business partners. In 2018, we formulated the long-term management plan "VISION 2023" and started various initiatives. With a view to the next-generation market and SDGS, 6 divisions and 9 affiliated companies collaborate with startups in each field. We are also working on the development and compounding of new materials. With more than half of the sales staff members with technical background, we are always looking to the future and continue to provide the best solution to our customers and markets.

Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd. Challenges

Proposal of cutting edge technology and material for vehicle interior and exterior
Cutting edge technology and material for vehicle interior and exterior.


Latest Technology for Scientific Instruments
We are interested in companies with the latest technology in the field of scientific instruments and scientific instrument products developed based on the latest technology.


Livestock management using IoT and AI technologies
For livestock animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens, we are looking for technology that can grasp and manage physical condition, stress, estrus, weight, health condition, etc. in real time using IoT and AI technology.


High functionality of synthetic rubber and resins, and related innovative materials
We focus on anticipating of needs on new technologies in the next-generation vehicles by means of introducing high functional materials to rubber & plastic industries.


Providing the best material to advanced electronics market
Aiming to providing the best material to the growing electronics market, which is mainly related with 5G, IoT and ADAS field


New Technology Proposal for Connected automobile
As automobile will be a large communication device for the future in CASE era, we are looking for new technological suggestion for both Hardware and Software widely for the "connected" area.


Applications have been closed.

Corporate Profile of Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.

Company Name Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.
Business Overview We are a trading company specialized in automotive parts, rubber, chemicals, industrial / environmental machine, and scientific equipment. We have superior suppliers in niche markets and serve attractive commodities to customers through our 14 overseas locations (e.g., USA, China, Thailand, India, and other countries). We also have manufacturing functions and more than half of our sales staff members have technical background.
Type of Industry Wholesale Trade
Matching actual number of
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