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TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 with Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.

Use technology to deliver peace of mind and safety to our customers

About Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.

An insurance company having a mission to be useful to customers and to deliver safety and security. While focusing on healthcare, mobility, disaster prevention and mitigation, AI and data utilization, etc., we have collaborated with a number of startup companies to provide new services and added value.

Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. Challenges

Development and support of healthcare solutions
Development and service of healthcare services utilizing state-of-the-art technology, high usability, etc.


Development and application of solutions for disaster prevention and mitigation
In light of the recent frequent and severe natural disasters, we are accelerating insurance payments using technology and developing and providing disaster prevention and mitigation services.


Development of services and operational efficiency using data
Development of services and operational efficiency using data


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Corporate Profile of Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.

Company Name Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
Business Overview An insurance company with a mission to provide you with peace of mind and safety that will help
you in your "emergency". The domestic non-life insurance and life insurance business is expanded
nationwide. We have expanded our overseas business to 38 countries including Asia, North
America, South America, Europe and Africa.
Type of Industry Insurance
Matching actual number of
NDA or more in ILS
Collaboration results Jun. 2019 Collaboration results

Link-and-communication with us is based on state-of-the-art technology and digital
in the development of health care services to meet the needs of customers who want to be healthy.
We aim to respond to your needs. to reduce the risk of disease.
We will create a society where everyone can live healthy and safe lives through the providing of services.

Sep. 2019 Collaboration results

Based on a strategic partnership, WHILL and WHILL have recently implemented a number of regional and
we will participate in the MaaS demonstration experiment. Based on the results of the movement data and analysis of the people obtained here, a new form of insurance "Pay How You Move" (trademark registration) with a view to the future progress of MaaS society
We will proceed with the research of "Applying".
Through these efforts, we will solve social issues associated with a super-aging society, and
Contributing to the creation of a safe and secure regional mobility society, including the improvement of convenience and quality of life
I'm going to figure it out.

Sep. 2020 Collaboration results

Tokio Marine Holdings Co., Ltd. has developed NADIAct, a system that displays the occurrence of disasters at its corporate bases in real time with ESRI Japan Co., Ltd. through Tokio Marine Group's Tokio Marine & Nichido Risk Consulting Co., Ltd., and promotes appropriate disaster prevention and mitigation actions at each site. By providing "NADIAct", we will support disaster prevention and mitigation efforts of companies and local governments, and contribute to the creation of a society that is resistant to disasters.