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About Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

Asahi Group's products are alcoholic beverage, including our flagship beer brand “Super Dry”, beverages including carbonated beverages and Calpis, and food including confectionery, baby food and care food products.
Our mission of Value Creation Office is to create new businesses and strengthen and expand existing businesses.
We aim to be a "Food as a Service" company that creates new value in the areas of food production, delivery, eating and wellness, maximizing the value, pleasure and enjoyment of food while reducing various losses and contributing to the reduction of environmental impact.
We would like to work with start-ups to achieve these goals.

Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Challenges

New dining scene and New value-added experience services
Providing a new dining scene and new value-added experience services


Total Wellness Services
Providing a full range of personalized health-related services to meet people's needs to "always be their best selves" and create the 120-year life expectancy.


Ethical & Premium Services
"It's a little bit of luxury and pleasure" while contributing to society and having a premium experience.


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Corporate Profile of Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

Company Name Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
Business Overview We are a comprehensive liquor beverage manufacturer. Our main business is the liquor business, including Super Dry, carbonated and calpis beverages, confectionery, and food business such as baby and nursing care food. We are also active in global expansion and are expanding our business mainly in Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.
Type of Industry Foods