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TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 with QUALICA Inc. (TIS Intec Group)

Aiming to realize in-store automation

About QUALICA Inc. (TIS Intec Group)

For 30 years, we have been selling headquarters and store management systems for the restaurant industry chain, mainly in-house packages. We provide services that support the reduction of labor, improvement of accuracy, and activation of information between stores. We have been introduced to customers of more than 100 mid-tier and large-scale chains in various business categories.

QUALICA Inc. (TIS Intec Group) Challenges

Aiming to realize restaurant automation
We aim to eliminate labor shortages and improve service capabilities without contact due to corona disaster by automation of operations such as ordering, inventory, purchasing, cooking, and serving stores.


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Corporate Profile of QUALICA Inc. (TIS Intec Group)

Company Name QUALICA Inc. (TIS Intec Group)
Business Overview IoT
Cloud Service
Software development
Hardware sales
System management
Infrastructure service
Sale of own packaged software
Type of Industry Information & Communication