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TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 with Nexway Co.,Ltd.

FOR MOVIN' Connecting thoughts with information and creating a vibrant society.

About Nexway Co.,Ltd.

More than 10 services are available to 12,000 customers. Up to now, we have not only invested in startup companies, but also promoted POC practice and sales cooperation. From October 2020, we have established a Business Emergance Center to create new businesses, and we are ready to proceed smoothly with collaboration.

Nexway Co.,Ltd. Challenges

KYC Solution
We are looking for a new partner to further evolve and strengthen the KYC service currently being provided. Let's expand our business together.


Business-to-Business DX Solutions
We aim to improve the efficiency of ordering and receiving operations throughout Japan. As a fax distribution company that knows the actual situation of the field well, we are seriously looking for the best solution for defaxing.


Solutions for dispensing pharmacies and pharmacists
We have built a network that connects with pharmacists and dispensing pharmacies nationwide. Using this network, pharmacists/dispensing pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are working together to provide better medical care to patients.


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Corporate Profile of Nexway Co.,Ltd.

Company Name Nexway Co.,Ltd.
Business Overview Providing B2B communication means. We support the business of 12,000 business partners with a service lineup such as delivery of ordering information such as purchase orders and invoices and identity verification in online transactions.
Type of Industry Information & Communication
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NDA or more in ILS
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