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TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 with NTT Communications Corporation

Connecting infrastructure and passionate thoughts around the world to contribute to the future of humanity

About NTT Communications Corporation

As an international carrier of the NTT Group, NTT Communications provides services in more than 190 countries and does business around the world with more than 1.9 million customers and partners.
Last year, we launched an open innovation program that co-creates new value by utilizing our abundant resources such as services, technologies, infrastructure, and data. The goal of this program is to implement and commercialize service products in society, and last year we co-created with a total of six companies under the themes of "extending the experience of moving the body freely even in a distance," "creating next-generation data centers through automation of equipment management," "sports tech that revolutionizes rugby," and "new services utilizing radio relay stations and towers in the mountains."
This year's theme will be released separately.

NTT Communications Corporation Challenges

Creating new value in the oceans
We aim to create new value in the oceans, which is the last frontier unexplored. We plan to provide underwater robots and ship IT (broadband Internet connection solution).


Creating new value using eSIM
Using eSIM, we aim to create new value to realize SmartWorld. We plan to provide the eSIM Applet SDK service*. *What is the eSIM Applet SDK service?


Creating New Value in Smart World
We aim to create new value to realize Smart World. We plan to provide resources (platforms, etc.) that will contribute to the realization of Smart World.


Applications have been closed.

Corporate Profile of NTT Communications Corporation

Company Name NTT Communications Corporation
Business Overview It is one of the major companies of the NTT Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), one of the world's largest carriers, responsible for the long-distance and international communications business.
Type of Industry Information & Communication
Collaboration results Oct. 2020 Collaboration results

Started a demonstration experiment on providing real-time wind condition information for stable drone operation.

Apr. 2020 Collaboration results

3D capture technology of "3i" flowering through open innovation with NTT Com