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TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 with AstraZeneca K.K.

Let's bring good things to patient, healthcare professionals and the world.

About AstraZeneca K.K.

AstraZeneca has delivered many new drugs as a global pharmaceutical company, focusing on the therapeutic areas of cancer, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. AstraZeneca's 2025 vision, with the mission of realizing patient-centricity through innovation, currently promotes open innovation in the areas of 4D+E (Digital, Diagnostics, Device, Drug and Experience), including drug discovery. In addition to actively promoting collaboration in these areas with startups, we have launched innovation hub in Japan "i2.JP" (" in November 2020.

AstraZeneca K.K. Challenges

Digital Biomarkers related technology/ solutions
For example, we are looking for a solution that analyzes the type of cancer (biomarkers) from pathological images.


Patient Monitoring Technologies and Solutions
Devices and solutions for monitoring patient information from prevention to prognosis


Quantification and visualization of sensations (smell, pain, discomfort, etc.)
Technologies and solutions for quantifying and visualizing human sensations (smells, pain, discomfort, etc.)


Applications have been closed.

Corporate Profile of AstraZeneca K.K.

Company Name AstraZeneca K.K.
Business Overview We provide cardiovascular, digestive, infectious diseases, neuroscience, tumor, and respiratory-related medical drugs. The company has operations in more than 100 countries, including emerging countries such as China, Brazil, India, and Russia. Global headquartered in London and Japan local headquarter is located in Osaka.
Type of Industry Pharmaceutical
Collaboration results Jun. 2020 Collaboration results

Under the influence of COVID-19, we started a PoC on online medical care with MICIN.

Nov. 2020 Collaboration results

As an activity to promote open innovation in Japan, the innovation hub "i2. JP" and is launched and we are looking for partner companies.