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Creating "New Trust" between People and Society - Confidence Enabled


Since its founding in 1918, Glory has continued to challenge the development of its own products, and in 1950 succeeded in developing the first domestically produced coin counting machine. This became the cornerstone and began to walk the path of a currency processing machine manufacturer. Now, 100 years after its founding, it has grown into a global company with own entities in more than 20 countries and products and solutions in more than 100 countries. We will continue to create "useful things in the world" without interrupting at any time. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, net sales were 235.7 billion yen, or 46.7% outside Japan. The market environment surrounding our company is about to change at an ever-faster rate, but we will further strengthen the trust we have cultivated as a currency processing machine manufacturer, and we are looking for partners who co-create the "new trust" that a rapidly changing society requires.

GLORY LTD. Challenges

A merting tool for restaurants and retailers
We aim to collect data such as payments from our money processing equipment, visualize it with BI tools, and make use of it for marketing. We are looking for partners to co-create MA services aimed at improving efficiency for the food and beverage and retail industries.


Biometric authentication technology for general-purpose terminals such as smartphones
Since 2000, we have been researching and developing facial recognition technology and have been developing and commercializing various biometric authentication technologies. Utilizing our biometric authentication platform, we aim to further spread and expand biometric authentication by applying it to general-purpose terminals.


Sensors for individual identification and automation
In "Long-Term Vision 2028", we will further evolve our core technologies and promote open innovation to develop next-generation products and automation solutions that utilize individual authentication technologies in particular, and to provide new value.


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Corporate Profile of GLORY LTD.

Company Name GLORY LTD.
Business Overview More than 50% of the market share in Japan is in the financial, distribution, transportation, and food and beverage industries, mainly in the coin and banknote processing machines and ticket vending machines. We also develop card equipment, systems, vending machines, coin lockers, etc. for the game market.
Type of Industry Machinery
Collaboration results Apr. 2020 Collaboration results

In addition to retail store analysis and customer analysis based on data acquired with proprietary IoT hardware terminals, Add-inte provides services to distribute coupons, advertisements, etc., and to increase the customer acquisition rate of real stores and measure their effectiveness, and in collaboration with add-ins, the Company has social issues, such as distribution stores and restaurants that are our customers, We have entered into a capital and business alliance to provide new solution services that solve management issues.

Feb. 2020 Collaboration results

With offices in 19 countries, mainly in Europe, Accrelec provides services to global quick service rest operators and retailers. By becoming a subsidiary of Aclerek, the Group will provide optimal customer experiences for users through self-service kiosks, mobile order systems, etc., and will accelerate efforts to realize a more comfortable self-work society.