Biometric authentication technology for general-purpose terminals such as smartphones

Since 2000, we have been researching and developing facial recognition technology and have been developing and commercializing various biometric authentication technologies. Utilizing our biometric authentication platform, we aim to further spread and expand biometric authentication by applying it to general-purpose terminals.

  • Context / Need

    By utilizing "biometric authentication" technology using faces, fingerprints, irises, voices, blood vessels, etc., and further reducing costs, applications in retail, for example, are expected to advance further in the future. We are developing solutions to these new needs.
  • Expected Solution / Technology

    We are looking for a partner who has biometric authentication technology for general-purpose terminals such as smartphones, a wide range of use of such technologies, for example, a walk-through checkout system at a retail store self-checkout and its conception.
  • Selection Criteria

    Partners who can co-create the use and application of biometric authentication in various fields in cooperation with our biometric platform
  • Target User

    For Business
  • Use Case

    Identity verification, automatic payment, customer management, attracting and marketing of customers, etc.
  • Area

    We aim to expand in the retail, transportation, and food and beverage industries, which are our key customer base.

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