Sensors for individual identification and automation

In "Long-Term Vision 2028", we will further evolve our core technologies and promote open innovation to develop next-generation products and automation solutions that utilize individual authentication technologies in particular, and to provide new value.

  • Context / Need

    While advances in digital technology will improve social convenience, society will need "new trust" in the future, such as safe and seamless payment methods and a mechanism to instantly prove that we are ourselves in every scene. Combine your sensor device technology with Glory's productization technology to co-create an unprecedentedly secure solution.
  • Expected Solution / Technology

    Unique sensors and devices with your own technology
  • Selection Criteria

    Not particularly. Please introduce the technology and products that your company developed with confidence.
  • Use Case

    Installed in our next-generation products aiming to play an active role in various fields of society in the future

To apply for the TOKYO CHALLENGE 100, you must be nominated by the ILS Advisory Board, a group of approximately 150 organizations, including VCs, government agencies and foreign organizations.
Upon nomination, you will be able to participate in the following ILS flagship programs in person and online.

  • One-on-one matching program with approximately 100 leading companies "POWER MATCHING"
  • Matching with Venture Capitalists "VC Matching"
Category Cyber Security · Cryptography · Biometrics Image Recognition, Image Analysis Speech Recognition, Sound Technology Photonics, Lasers