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Creating exciting towns with startups


Since 2015, the Tokyu Group has been promoting business co-creation with startups, mainly through the Tokyu Acceleration Program (TAP). TAP has implemented more than 40 PoC/test marketing and 7 business and capital alliances.

TOKYU GROUP Challenges

Image technology solutions for sustainable railways
Image technology solutions aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of maintenance and operations in the railway business


Services and technologies for a new purchasing experience
New ideas and technologies that realize new purchasing experiences (fusion of stores and online, expansion of customer contact points, and proposals for living services)


Technology for automated construction and remote management of construction sites
Robot construction technology and construction management system


Applications have been closed.

Corporate Profile of TOKYU GROUP

Company Name TOKYU GROUP
Business Overview We are a group of urban development companies that develop a wide range of business areas such as railways, construction, department stores, real estate, buses, supermarkets, hotels, fitness, and nursing care.
Type of Industry Real Estate
Collaboration results May 2015 Collaboration results

Business co-creation with 27 Tokyu Group operators through the Tokyu Acceleration Program, which has been held since 2015. More than 40 PoC results and 7 business and capital alliances. Applications are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.